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In my last article I told my personal story about how I, after being misdiagnosed with ADHD and mistreated with Ritalin, found out that my symptoms were actually caused by adrenal fatigue. Through relatively simple lifestyle changes and consistency it has been possible for me to heal myself within 7 months. In this article I want to go more into depth about what I have specifically done and still do to feel my best. Læs mere

Psychologist Iben Larissa Jørgensen Copenhagen

The psychologist who thought she had ADHD – A personal story about adrenal fatigue.

I am usually a private person and I have had many considerations about whether or not to share my story, since it is very personal, but the topic is simply too important not to.
I hope my story can inspire others and provide a shortcut to get the right help.
I want to give a big thank you to all of you who support Det Sunde Sind. It means more than you know! 🙂
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